OH HEY THERE. If you're reading this, there is a good chance you're interested in eating healthy. Like most of us, you probably also deal with the realities of limited time and budget, which can make healthy eating feel like a challenge. Resorting to overpriced work lunches and takeout dinners can quickly become a vicious cycle. It may seem easy in the moment, but it's neither cheap or healthy. That's why we created this e-book.

To celebrate Evergreen Kitchen's Launch, we're sending this e-book to our community for free

Here's what you can expect:

→ Weekly Meal Plan: 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. These are truly delicious recipes that you'll look forward to each day.

→ Grocery Shopping List: Everything you'll need for the week. Only shop once for fresh & bulk items, and leverage your existing pantry for common staples (like salt/pepper, oil, etc.).

→ Detailed Sunday Meal Prep Plan: Get ahead by crossing off a number of recipes that you'll use throughout the week. It's time well spent, trust us.

→ Daily Overview: Each day is clearly laid out so you know what you're eating, and how much time to set-aside for cooking. One less thing you need to worry about during the work week.


Delicious Recipes ...

... AN Easy to follow guide

All this food for just $50 of groceries?!

Yes! When you're organized and prepared you can stretch $50 pretty far. In designing this guide, we took extra care to re-use ingredients in multiple recipes (like hummus for dipping, as a healthy mayo replacement in sandwiches, and as a creamy component in dressings). Not only is this economical, but it's also a great way to reduce food waste! Buying non-perishables in bulk gives you control to buy exactly what you need. You'll keep costs down, avoid unnecessary packaging, and free up cupboard space (key if you have a tiny kitchen).
When buying for this meal plan, our groceries consistently come out to $45-50 (see here). Also note, we live in Canada, so groceries are a bit more expensive here than in the US. So, our US friends might even have some extra pocket change left over! We did not include prices for staple pantry items, like olive oil, spices, and sauces, because you likely already have most of these. If not, invest in them. They're super versatile and will last you months. 


How do I get the meal prep guide? Simply sign up and we'll deliver the e-book straight to your inbox! Yes, it's that easy.

Is there nutritional information/calorie counts in the meal plan? In short, no. We believe in eating a variety of fresh, wholesome foods; eating in moderation; and living an active lifestyle. We don't count calories ourselves, so to stay true to our ethos, we did not include them in this meal plan. This is a reflection of what works for us.  Everyone has different needs when it comes to food and nutrition. You should always listen to your body and eat what/how much feels right for you. Treat this meal plan as a starting point, and tailor it to suit your own unique needs. You know yourself best!

Does this guide work for two people? Totally! We designed this guide to serve one person, so we can be inclusive of all our single ladies/guys. That said, all the recipes can be easily doubled. When grocery shopping, buy double of everything with the exception of a few items. You can get away with just buying one loaf of bread, one bunch of parsley and one bunch of dill. Buy an average size of almond butter (vs. small) - and you'll be all set.

I love this meal prep guide! Can I share it? We'd be thrilled if you spread the word! So, please do. We'd only ask that you direct family & friends to visit www.evergreenkitchen.ca and sign up for their own copy of the guide. References and links to this guide are appreciated, but please do not re-post its content online.

Help! I'm having technical issues accessing the file. Oops! Shoot us a note and we'd be happy to help. Use our contact form to reach us directly and write "E-Book Help" in the subject line.