Evergreen Kitchen’s Photography Studio

The Studio

When not creating content for Evergreen Kitchen, Bri & Anguel provide creative services for a portfolio of leading brands, publications and businesses. Specializing in food, the team offers visual services ranging from photography to video, as well as food styling and recipe development.

Their work has been featured in numerous print and digital publications including: Clean Eating Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Martha Stewart, feedfeed, Buzz Feed, among many others.

Services Offered


Developing powerful visuals for commercial brands.

Photographing stunning editorial content for publications.


Producing short-films that feature a single recipe, or broader food story.

Creating engaging animated GIFs optimized for social media/online.


Prepping and plating food to look irresistible in its close up.

Curating props and designing tablescapes to tell a cohesive story.


Creating delicious recipes that resonate with the target audience.

Developing health-centered recipes, backed by a Certified Nutritionist.

The Team

Photo by Dave Neal Park

Photo by Dave Neal Park

Anguel & Bri are co-collaborators on most freelance projects, but are also available for individual hire. They each bring a unique skill set to each project - yet both have a keen eye to detail, and a diligent work ethic that always puts client satisfaction first.

Anguel is a photographer, videographer and post-production editor extraordinaire. He has near limitless energy and won’t stop until a photo or video is absolutely perfect. A gear-geek at heart, Anguel always makes sure the team is investing in the most leading-edge camera & lighting technology, to deliver the highest quality visual assets.

Bri is a Certified Nutritionist, recipe developer and food stylist. She loves food and always makes sure recipes both taste and look the part. Leveraging her business & consumer insights background, she also works with brands to define a project’s creative direction in a way that strategically and seamlessly delivers on brand messaging, goals and aesthetics.

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